Fall Assortment
Fall Assortment

Fall Assortment

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These flies have been selected with the fall specifically in mind. Egg's are packed with nutrients and seem to be heavily sought after by trout in the fall. Do not fish on redd's and interfere with the trout's spawning process. Jig's also work well in the fall. Big browns become very territorial and there will be some bite windows where you can capitalize and land a few large trout in short time. Be mindful of redds even if you are fishing streamers or jigs. You still need to know where the redds are to fish responsibly.

Included in this assortment

- 1 Large Farmington Flies Fly Box *Free

- 1 Farmington Flies Large Sticker

- 1 Olive Sweet Seam Pork Puller

- 1 Tan Sweet Seam Pork Puller

- 1 Olive Little Dirty Stripper

- 1 White Little Dirty Stripper

- 2 Peach 3.0 Gold Bead Eggs

- 2 Peach 3.5 Gold Bead Eggs 

- 2 Peach 3.0 Metallic Orange Bead Eggs

- 1 Pink 3.0 Metallic Pink Bead Egg

- 2 Cheese 3.0 Gold Bead Eggs

- 2 Cheese 3.5 Gold Bead Eggs

- 1 DK's Stoner